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Christine Selda,MA,RCC, Founder of Indigo Bridge

About Christine Selda:


Christine’s interest in the old ways of Medicine People led her to study ancient healing practices from around the world. Christine is working to bring these ancient healing technologies into service for modern times. Her passion is to foster spiritual growth and stewardship of the earth.


Christine is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and has a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in Psychology. Christine is a full mesa carrier from the mountain shamanism tradition and is working as medicine woman guiding ceremonies and teaching Medicine Wheels since 2005; she holds a Masters in Energy Healing. Christine has worked in private practice as an energy healer, shamanic counselor and expressive arts therapist for 9 years. Christine worked for the Howe Sound Womens's Centre for five years as a Children,Youth and Family Counsellor as well as a support worker at the transition house and womens drop in centre. Christine draws on 16 years of teaching experience as a certified yoga instructor and as a wilderness guide. Christine is currently raising three children and beginning her doctorate work in Expressive Arts and Shamanism. 



Mission Statement:

Our intention is to keep alive and pass on the ancient teaching for the stewardship of the self and of the earth. We work from a shamanic perspective. Indigo Bridge creates guidance for personal healing journeys to re connect people with nature spirituality and the wisdom of their own souls. We believe this work contributes collectively to a universal transformation of joy, balance and well being for all our relations.

"I have no idea what is coming, but I know it feels good. This work has cleared the path and set the groundwork for something peaceful and powerful to happen."

Steve Merkley

"The teachings of the Incan Medicine Wheel with Christine Selda offered profound experiences held in an incredible outdoor setting and comfortable and inspiring indoor setting. I learned that my spiritual path is indeed nature as the face of spirit."

Deanne Esdale

"The teachings from the Medicine Wheel have touched my life in so many ways. I have felt the power of ceremony and the wisdom of the ancient ones. Christine beautifully created and held us in sacred space to transmit these transformative teachings. So much gratitude!"

Vera Lagasse

"This adventure around the medicine wheel has allowed me to rediscover parts of myself I had forgotten about while at the same time letting go of many things which were no longer necessary. I recommend this course for anyone who is ready to embrace life and its unlimited potential which is available to us. "

Bobbi-Lynn Clark

"I have found my spiritual home thanks to the teachings and practices of the Medicine Wheel journey. Feet firmly rooted in nature, I absorbed through my skin techniques for healing personal and family traumas. Dreamtime amongst the stars sparkled with energizing challenges. A truly transforming experience. "

Meg Fellowes