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Full mesas required

This advanced level training in Incan Shamanic practice will focus on moving participants out of the personal work they completed in the initial Medicine Wheel into the next step of working in the collective. There will be complete transformation of participant’s mesas through this process, creating an opportunity for major growth and letting go. This training will deepen and expand upon the training received in the initial Incan medicine wheel. It is available only to those participants that have a full mesa and are ready to delve deeper into these teachings. The workshops are designed to take each participant to the next step of walking between worlds as a shaman and healer in our society. Profound personal transformation is required to become available to ones vision and path of service.

I-Soul Retrieval

Our first gathering we will work using Incan shamanic journeying and the expressive arts to study Soul Retrieval. This is the greatest tool of shaman across the world. In this course we will study and practice several different techniques of  Soul Retrieval used by different shaman across time. We will engage all of our senses through intermodal activities and immerse ourselves in ceremony. This work will be based in experiential learning. Participants will meet new spirit guides and deepen their dialogue with the land. Mesa work will be integral in this gathering. Mesas will begin re programming during the soul retrieval. 





II-Vision Quest

Our second session is a Vision Quest.  A vision Quest is a period spent in solitude and fasting devoted to receiving a guiding vision for one’s life. This will be set in the mountains in Squamish, receiving our vision from immersing ourselves in living in nature. This course will be four nights in the backcountry with a two-night solo. This promises to deepen and strengthen our medicine work with the apus and pachamama in a way that is not conceivable until experienced. We will be guided and taught in survival skills to live and lead in the outdoors. Participants must be in good health for this course. We will be hiking and doing ceremony with the mountains, rivers and trees of our land. Space will be limited for this course and pre course prep will be necessary.





III-Shamans Medicine

Third and last session is Shamans Medicine. This course will immerse us deeper in the study of the techniques of Shaman. We will practice, giving and receiving several different energy medicine techniques of the shaman and healers that have come before. We will journey and deepen our ceremony. In this meeting we will Vision for the collective and  serve the apus and the pachamama in our work.


Each course will build upon the one before. It is possible to join in the second or third session if space permits. Priority will be given to those students who have completed the course before.